Project Moshen - Philadelphia's All Female Jazz Dance Company

Philadelphia's All Female Jazz Dance Company

Founded in 2010, Project Moshen set out to revive the style of jazz dance in Philadelphia. Combining the artistic side and the commercial side of dance, Artistic Director Kelli Moshen, blends the two styles & elements together to showcase her fast, intricate, urban style of jazz dance.

Project Moshen produces two shows a year, performs at various events, visits schools in the community, and holds master classes at Philadelphia area universities. Through these efforts, the company hopes to spread their passion, creativity, and knowledge of jazz dance to the community, along with bringing this style of jazz back to life in Philadelphia.



Thank you for all the support

Thank you to everyone who came out to, COMING HOME, this weekend! Both shows were beyond a success and we couldn't have done it without your constant support. Thank you for allowing us to share our gift with you!

Here is a small clip from our closing number! More to come! ENJOY!